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Charlotte Lake, also famous as Sharlott Lake, is a tranquil, scenic spot that most perfectly encapsulates Matheran.
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Unfolding the majestic beauty of Charlotte Lake

Charlotte Lake, also famous as Sharlott Lake, is a tranquil, scenic spot that most perfectly encapsulates Matheran. The lake is a great spot to relax and unwind away from the rush of city life, in addition, it serves as Matheran’s primary water source. The lake is set amidst the densely forested area and sprawls out with a dam at one end and the Pisarnath temple at the other. A unique aspect of the temple is its Shiva Linga, which, unlike the usual black ones, is smeared with vermillion here and is tilted to one side. One can also see Echo Point and Louisa Point from the lake which are two of Matheran’s well-known lookout points. Charlotte Lake is one of the best places to visit in Matheran. 

The monsoon, when one can see the shadow of the majestic mountain dancing on the clear lake water, is the best time to see its amazing splendor. Another well-liked pastime around the lake is birdwatching, particularly at dawn and twilight. It is an ideal quick retreat for those who seek silence in the lap of nature and a perfect spot for campers and picnickers. Set amidst a densely populated forest, birdwatching is a popular activity here. A dam, which overflows when it rains and creates a charming tiny cascade to create the shimmering lake in the monsoon, is the source of Charlotte Lake.


In Matheran, all motor-driven vehicles are prohibited. You can travel to Dasturi car point by bus or private vehicle, and then you will need a horse-drawn rickshaw or a man-pulled rickshaw to take you to your Matheran hotel or if you prefer, directly to the lake. Horses, bike rickshaws and your own two feet are the sole modes of transportation within Matheran.


Some tips one should keep in mind- since the lake serves as a source of drinking water for Matheran, don’t try to take a bath or wash anything in the lake. It is forbidden. There are a lot of monkeys at this point. Beware of them. Don’t eat anything in front of them (they tend to snatch the food) and don’t disturb or mock them.


Incredibly near the frenetic and bustling metropolis of Mumbai is the charming tiny hill station of Matheran. Take a train up the hills or travel through the scenic turns while taking in natural beauty. And when you go to Adamo The Resort in Matheran, you’ll realize that it was built to perfectly blend in with the surroundings. It truly is one of the best resorts in Matheran. Adamo The Resort provides luxury, comfort, and tranquility that are unmatched. In addition to its first-rate lodging, La Soin Spa’s recreational amenities further distinguish it as a unique establishment in the city.

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