Adamo Hotels | Undeniable Proof That You Need to Visit Matheran this Year!
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Undeniable Proof That You Need to Visit Matheran this Year!

A hill station nested in the Sahyadri Hills, is very well known as the “cutest little hill station of India”. Wonderfully known for its breathtaking views, this hummock is located near Mumbai which acts as an ideal getaway place from the hustle-bustle of the city. Not only the majestic views but the pleasant weather and untouched tourist spots acts as a magnet for the travellers. You will find some of the best resorts in Matheran offering some calming moments of tranquillity to refresh and rejuvenate.  


Here are some of the undeniable proof that you need to visit Matheran this year:

    1. Louisa Point

Matheran is very well known for its picturesque views. Louisa Point is one of the best viewpoints in the town which you can’t miss to stop by. It is a perfect spot to get splendid views of the ancient Vishalgad and Prabalgad forts. The spectacular views from Louisa point makes it a must visit place in Matheran.

2. Eco friendly place

You might be shocked to hear this, but Matheran is India’s only Automobile free hill station. Imagine, no horns, no rushing of cars, no pollution. Walk, Walk and walk to explore this cute little town amidst the calmness. No automobile is allowed after Dasturi point. You can either walk or ride on the horse to roam around the place. Choose one among the best resort in Matheran to live in nature more closely in this sound free environment .

3. Dodhani Waterfalls 

What can be more thrilling than visiting a waterfall. Dodhani waterfall turns into heaven during the monsoon season. Try out rappelling at Dodhani Waterfalls for a thrilling lifetime experience. If you are not an adventurous person, you can simply enjoy some peaceful time near the falls. It is one of the undeniable proof to visit the town now!

4. Irshalgad Fort

An ideal trekking destination, Irshalgad Fort is located between Matheran and Panvel. Going for a trek to Irshalgad fort will be one of the most exciting and thrilling activities to do in Matheran. The majestic views from the fort will definitely be worth visiting.

5. Experience Toy Train

We have always heard about Shimla and Darjeeling toy trains, but the Toy train in Matheran is another attractive point. Enjoy the panoramic views of the surroundings from the windows as the Matheran Toy Train slowly worms through the lush green hills, and reaches the hill top offering some blissful views.

6. Porcupine Point

Sunset lovers, this point will be your go to destination when in Matheran. Also called as the sunset point, this place is blessed with scenic views and dense forest making it a perfect viewpoint for a breathtaking sunset.

Matheran is a boon for all the nature lovers, adventurers and of course photographers. Pack your bags to experience the tranquillity at its best. If you are looking for the best resort in Matheran, then do check out Adamo The Resort. It is one of the top hotels in Matheran. The hotel is designed to blend luxury with the natural surroundings.


Come, Let’s get lost in nature!

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