Adamo Hotels | Seashells, Sand & Surf: My Time In Goa’s Calangute Beach
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Seashells, Sand & Surf: My Time In Goa’s Calangute Beach

Goa has something for everyone to do at night. Goa’s Calangute Beach nightlife is best when the sun sets and night starts. There are many places to visit in Calangute at night because nightlife in Calangute Goa is all about music, bright lights, casinos, delectable food and many more, which help create a vibrant ambience. There are many things to do in Calangute Goa at night, and tourists visiting the city are in awe of Calangute Goa attractions.

Calangute Beach is known as the ‘Queen of Beaches’, and is regarded as the most popular tourist destination of Goa. The beach is located about 15 kilometers away from the capital city of Panjim and is in the northern part of Goa. There are also a number of very good holiday resorts out here and this makes the place even more popular. Besides, the Calangute Beach offers golden sands, opportunities for water sports, awesome Goan cuisine and some lovely views too. The beach is steep and is thus not very apt for swimming but it can be done still if you do not go far off. In this article, I list down Calangute Goa places to visit during your next trip:

Altars at St. Alex Church
First built by the Franciscan brothers in 1595 and later again in 1765 with donations from the villagers; St. Alex Church in Calangute, still stand proudly in its entire splendor more than 400 years later. The false cupola dome and the Rococo style architecture captivate the imagination even of those who are not too moved by art and architecture.

Inside this structure, one can find a big rosary, low chandeliers and a well decorated altar. The church complex also houses a small grotto of ‘Our Lady Of Lourdes’ and a grave yard. A lively and vibrant church, daily service is held here and patrons come from all over to pay homage.

Kerkar Art Complex
If you are an art fan, then this is the perfect place to be in Goa. Dr. Subodh Kerkar of Kerkar Art Gallery puts vibrant colors into his work which awes the spectator. Installations done with bamboos, shells, pebbles and colorful stones give a new perspective to the existing space and art. Dr. Kerkar’s work gives a modernized look with organized yet creative installations. The place is also open for dance recitals every Tuesday and has a multi-cuisine restaurant in the premises.

Tibetan Market
You’ve heard of Goa’s flea markets, fish markets, and even the Saturday night markets but did you ever hear of the Tibetan market in Calangute Beach, Goa?

Tibetan Market is a fascinating place with a blend of items from different parts of the country, and the Buddhist prayer flags and Jap malas clinging to the market contribute to the wonderful atmosphere here. It features a series of stalls by Tibetan refugees, Kashmiris and even locals. Whether you want a souvenir to gift or something for yourself or a showpiece to embellish your house, you will find an array of everything. The art pieces, silver artefacts, precious stones, jewellery, embroidery, T-shirts, wall hangings, clothes, accessories and knick-knacks are the most sought-after items here that you can buy as a keepsake.

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