Adamo Hotels | Planning Your Honeymoon? These Destinations are Must Visit in goa
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Planning Your Honeymoon? These Destinations are Must Visit in goa

Goa is known around the world for its beautiful golden beaches, coconut palm trees, colonial Portuguese heritage buildings, vibrant nightlife, and easy-going laid-back population. Most travelers, especially honeymooners, are drawn to Goa. The winter months of October to March provide newlyweds with the ideal weather for making lifelong memories. Many weddings have taken place in Goa over the years, and even more couples have visited. This signifies that the residents and businesses have accepted the situation and have made the best of it. Most activities that can be done at the beach or in the city are appropriate for and can be done with couples (for example, jet skiing, scuba diving, local tours in Goa, and so on), thus even club and other similar charges are lower for couples.

Adamo the Bellus Calangute, is the best hotels in North Goa for honeymoon near beach. You can feel the love in the air, as our hotel will enchant you with its mesmerizing hospitality and exquisite services. Staying at the most romantic hotel in North Goa will allow you to get carried away in the charm of the perfect Goan vacation. Getting to grips with Goa’s zingy ethos, it offers stunning vistas from all of its 150 rooms, as well as outstanding contemporary facilities. Spend some time soothing yourself at the majestic The La Soin Spa, or go on a tour of the churches and landmarks to get a true sense of Goa. If you don’t want to leave the hotel, why not spend some time playing one of the various indoor activities we have available to our guests. Adamo The Bellus is a place where every day is a celebration, therefore we don’t need special occasions to make you feel special. So, what are you waiting for? Now is the best time to plan your stay with us and make the best moments of your life with your adored one.

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